Welcome to Uprise Health Monitoring!

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Uprise Health Monitoring has two important goals:

  • Provide supportive structure and accountability such that individuals with substance use disorder and/or mental health issues are able to recover and succeed in their home and work life
  • Assist employers and organizations by supporting public safety and by allowing their experienced, trained professionals to maintain employment

These goals are achieved through customized monitoring programs. Services may include:

  • Independent third-party evaluations to determine treatment plan
  • Care coordination
  • Case monitoring to support compliance
  • Agreement monitors
  • Weekly reporting by licensees
  • Home monitoring
  • Employment coordination
  • Safe practice evaluations
  • Worksite monitoring
  • Random toxicology testing to support compliance
  • Medical Review Officer oversight
  • Daily testing notification through our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system, apps and portal

Still have questions? Please feel free to call us at (888)802-2843 or email at monitoring@uprisehealth.com.

Program Reminder:

Apple and Android apps available for your daily check-in

Get the Android app: Simply go to the Google Play store from your device and search for RBH Daily to download the free app.

Get the Apple app: Go to the app store on your iPhone or iPad and search for RBH Daily to download the free app to your device.

Use the app: Open the app, log in with your ID and password, and the app will tell you if you need to test that day. The app provides a confirmation number just as if you called the IVR or checked in by logging into this portal. The app will also give you the panel to check off if you have a paper CCF. Using the app WILL count as your daily check-in. Make sure to close out the app after using it each time.